KC S300 Turbine Wheel

Features & Details: 

  • Quicker Spool Up
  • 100% Drop In Ready
  • Lower EGTS
  • Larger Blades
  • Better Response
  • Component Balanced 


You will see the blades are larger, it captures more air and will spool much faster and is more efficient. This new wheel is based off of an s300-sxe style wheel. 
We have done extensive testing on these wheels for the past few year and have been a great success with testers and hundreds of customers. Our KC300x complete turbos are based on these wheels but in larger sizes.



**IMPORTANT: We do not recommend this on stock compressor wheels, this wheel will help the turbo to spool better and run harder... which can exaggerate the surge problem with the stock compressor wheels. It must be paired with a billet wheel.**

***The s300 turbine wheel does not fit the GTP38r dual ball bearing turbos.**

                94-98 turbine - $ 225.00                       99-03 Turbine - $ 225.00                       Van turbine - $ 225.00               

                                             94-98 turbine                                                            99-03 Turbine                                                            Van turbine                                       sale

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