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Free Shipping Over $100

7.3 IDM Rebuilt: Stock

Original price $445.00 - Original price $645.00
Original price
$445.00 - $645.00
Current price $445.00

We can rebuild your 7.3 Injector Driver Module back to like-new/factory condition. Note that whereas we often sell good used PCM's, as far as we are concerned there are no good used IDM's. Even if someone sends back a core that is in perfect working condition, it still gets rebuilt by replacing about 20 components that are possible failure points before it goes back out the door.After the rebuild, we run each IDM through a 20 point test on the test bench, and then we run it continuously for 30 minutes at 3000 RPM and 3.0 milliseconds of injector pulse width which is longer and harder than you could ever run a truck in real life. When it passes this test, then it is ready to sell.