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by Clevite
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Rebuild your 1994-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke with the Clevite CB-1633P P-Series Rod Bearing (Standard). The Clevite P-Series are the oldest and most tried and true series of Clevite high performance bearings. The rod bearings in this series typically have the greatest amount of eccentricity. P-Series Rod Bearings have high crush for maximum retention and a reduced overlay thickness to prevent overlay fatigue sometimes referred to as hen tracking.

P-Series Rod Bearings use hardened steel back for added strength, and resistance to fretting. They should be used where extremely high RPMS cause severe rod bore close in. This is typically indicated by nearly full parting line to parting line shaft contact with bearings having less eccentricity.


Size: Standard
Clevite P-Series
Material: TM-112
Sold Individually

Material: TM-112
Housing Bore (Min - Max): 2.69 in - 2.692 in
Max. Length: 0.964 in
Vert. Oil Clearance (Min - Max): 0.002 in - 0.005 in
Shaft Diameter (Min - Max): 2.498 in - 2.499 in
Wall Thickness (Max): 0.095 in
Size: Standard