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CNC Fabrication 99-03 7.3L 4-Line Feed Fuel Line Kit - CNC-7.3-SD-BRFK

by Cnc
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Upgrade your fuel-system with our 4-line-feed fuel-line kit designed to eliminate the infamous #8 injector knock and fuel starvation in the #1 and #8 cylinders during higher RPMs and heavy throttle while towing.


Upgraded with military grade high flow Genuine Parker Ferulok™ fittings
Eliminates the Vibralok fittings with o-rings are prone to leak, and are quite the bottleneck for fuel delivery to the galley (in the heads)
All lines are made of mandrel bent 304 Sandvik Coromat stainless steel.
Comes with all necessary fittings for a complete install.
Lines are bent in the U.S.A. right here in our shop on our state of the art 3 axis CNC tubing bender for a perfect fit every time

No OEM fittings will be reused post fuel bowl. This system has been on our company truck for the past 8 years while running a set of 160/100 up to 450/400 single shot injectors with no issues. If running bigger injectors than 180cc it is recommended that you upgrade your fuel pump or add another stock pump.

If you are considering deleting the fuel bowl, then we have designed a bowl delete manifold that will retro-fit directly in place of the stock fuel bowl and still connect to the same line kit with no modifications.

You can also build your own pump setup if you like. We recommend the Fuelab Prodigy pumps for competition trucks, or the AEM 380lph pump for mild built trucks. If you are looking to do a complete system from tank to engine and want to get rid of the factory fuel bowl, we recommend the AirDog II 4G Fuel Pump

NOTE: **This kit will also fit the early '99 model year trucks, but you NEED to have the NON-EBPV (deleted) turbo pedestal, and it will also work with T4 mount turbo setups, or aftermarket HPOP reservoir spacers, but you will need to send in the reservoir spacer so we can make the line kit.**