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The Ford F81Z-8260-CA Upper Radiator Hose is a direct replacement for some 1999.5-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke owners, and an extremely convenient factory upgrade for others. This hose is factory equipped on dual alternator applications, so if your truck has dual alternators, it's simply a replacement. If your truck has a single alternator it will be an easy fix to an "engineering oversight".On most single alternator trucks, you will notice that the upper coolant house is routed through the serpentine belt. This means that for belt replacement, you must drain the coolant and remove the hose in order to replace the belt, an extra step that shouldn't be necessary. The dual alternator hose eliminates this extra step by routing around the belt making it easier to replace your serpentine belt, especially if it happens to break on the side of the road. Hose only. Clamps not included. FEATURES: Upper Radiator Hose Routes Around The Belt Stock On Dual Alternator Trucks Alternate Routing For Single Alternator Trucks Note: This hose is used on dual alternator trucks and can also be found on single alternator trucks along with vehicles like Excursions, Ambulances, and more. To see if it's a stock replacement, or a re-route for your truck, simply look under the hood and check the upper radiator hose. Clamps not included.