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Free Shipping Over $100

General 1000 ECU Tune Performance Package Tuning / Clutch Kit (Includes ECU Tune, Blackmax Clutch Kit, Helix, Secondary Spring)

by gilomen
Original price $660.00 - Original price $1,180.00
Original price
$660.00 - $1,180.00
Current price $660.00

Kit Includes:

  • ECU tune
  • Blackmax adjustable clutch kit (comes pre set for your machine)
  • 56-66 Helix (you can choose EBS or NON EBS Type)
  • Secondary clutch spring (works for tires "27-35") 

If you want arm stretching acceleration, amazing low end grunt / torque, lighting fast response, smooth operation, and sweet top end speed then this kit is for you!  It has it all!! 

The G6 reflash is the most aggressive and only reflash currently offered by Gilomen Innovations for the 1000cc General models. It performs great on regular pump gas. All engine protections are left in place so your engine stays running safe. Fuel and timing maps revised for peak performance on pump gas. I have found that Polaris has their factory tuning designed in order to pass strict EPA testing. The revised timing and fuel maps allow the engine to make more power with cooler piston crown and valve temps. The cooling fan on temp is lowered from 205F to 190F degrees to keep your engine running cooler and lasting longer. Rev limiter is raised to 9200 RPM, Speed limiter in high gear is disabled, Speed limiter in low gear raised to 45 MPH. Turf mode stays fully functional if your machine is equipped with it. Speeds can exceed 85 MPH with this tune. 


100% throttle in High, Low, and Reverse Gear
All Torque Limiters Disabled
Professionally developed timing maps for peak performance on pump gas
Professionally developed fuel maps
Fan settings 20 degrees lower to keep engine running cool and lasting longer
Seat-belt limiter disabled
RPM limiter raised to a safe 9200 RPM
Speed limiters eliminated
False misfire codes eliminated
Engine protections left in place
Retains Turf mode on equipped models
Heater function works 100% if equipped

UPDATE 3/12/2018 Many Polaris models with stock ECU programming suffer from false misfire codes ( 65590, 65591, 65592 ) due to drive belt issues, excessive tire spin, constant high speed driving, or for no apparent reason at all. Polaris made these codes way too sensitive & are unable to delete the codes. Our newest version tunes 3/12/2018 and later will eliminates the false check engine codes 65590, 65591, 65592!! If you are a Polaris dealership that has unhappy customers because of these false codes please call us, we can help restore your customers faith in their Polaris machine!



If you are flash tuning your machine yourself using the EZ LYNK AUTO AGENT 2 device you will need to Lynk your vehicle to Gilomen Innovations through the EZ Lynk Auto Agent app on your android or apple phone. Lynk your vehicle to our technician account

Once you Lynk your vehicle to Gilomen Innovations we will configure your new tune and send it through the cloud to your app on your phone so you can flash tune your machine if you already purchased the tune through our website. No tune credits or other fees are involved when using this device.  If you are renting an EZ LYNK device from us you have 30 days to return the device for a $450 refund.  If you purchase the device to keep, then the device is not returnable after it has been used to flash the machine.  The EZ lynk device can be used on unlimited machines with a Gilomen-provided tune for each individual machine.