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Moly EP Oil Treatment

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Extreme pressure protection for bearings, valve trains, pistons and piston rings. Increases oil pressure and reduces oil consumption.


Moly E.P. Oil Treatment is a highly fortified extreme pressure engine oil treatment.

Moly E.P. Oil Treatment contains a highly specialized additive package. When used at the recommended treatment rate, this additive package allows Moly E.P. Oil Treatment to provide the following performance benefits:

1. Increased compression through better ring seal.
2. A reduction in oil consumption.
3. Elimination of sticking valves and lifters.
4. Reduced blow-by.
5. Increased oil pressure.
6. A reduction in engine friction and wear.
7. Increased power.
8. Better viscosity control.
9. Extreme pressure protection of the engine bearings, valve train, and pistons and piston rings.

To complement this highly specialized additive package two proven frictional modifiers, Micron Moly®, a liquid soluble type of Moly and Schaeffer Mfg’s own proprietary additive Penetro. These two proven frictional modifiers once plated form a long lasting slippery tenacious lubricant film, which prevents the metal surfaces from coming into contact with each other. By preventing metal-to-metal contact, damaging frictional wear is prevented from occurring. This prevention of metal-to-metal contact and reduction in wear results in:

* A Low Coefficient of Friction.
* Significantly Less Bearing, Ring, Piston, Cylinder and Valve-Train Wear.
* Increased Engine Efficiency.
* Increased Engine Durability.
* Increased Engine Life.
* Less Downtime.
* Reduced Maintenance

One pint of #132 Moly E.P. Oil Treatment to every 4 to 5 quarts of engine oil.