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by Valair
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The Valair NMU70263-06-SFC Ceramic/Kevlar Upgrade Clutch with Flywheel for your 1994-1997 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke offers you two different clutch characteristics in one. This Ceramic/Kevlar combination utilizes two different buttons on the clutch disc. Aimed at moderate performance trucks, this clutch features driving manners that are great for everyday driving and towing.

Take-off is relatively smooth and offer more slip and forgiveness than the ceramic/ceramic clutches. While the holding power for the Kevlar faced clutch is higher than the organic/organic faced clutches, the main advantage is less wear on the flywheel and longer life. Ideally suited to trucks with moderate performance power modifications. If towing more than the occasional 7,500-10,000lbs the Organic Dual Disc will be a better option.


13" x 1.25" Performance Replacement\
HD Spring Hub
Ceramic / Kevlar Buttons (Both sides of disc shown)
Rated @ 500HP / 1000 ft lbs Torque
3400# Pressure Plate
Kit Includes: Solid Flywheel, 3400# Pressure Plate, Clutch Disc, Release Bearing, Pilot Bearing and Alignment Tool.

Note: The display image above shows two clutch discs. This only for display purposes to show the Kevlar/Ceramic friction materials. This is not a dual disc clutch and will only come with one single clutch disc.

Warning: As with any aftermarket product, these clutches can change the drivability of a truck depending on the type of clutch installed. In addition, they will make some noises that the stock clutch did not make. Neither of these reasons will be a justifiable warranty claim.