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Free Shipping Over $100
Free Shipping Over $100

Built In House Engines

 Core Charge 

  • All engines have a $1000 core if rods or crank is not good you will get credited for what is good
  • If there are holes in the block or engine will not rotate over, automatically it is a bad core
  • If any holes have to be sleeved it is automatically a bad core
  • Our goal is to give you a short block that has everything with it to be installed.
  • All engine prices include all gaskets needed for install

7.3 Powerstroke 

Short Block $5000

  • stage 1 cam     
  • oem overhaul kit
  • overhaul kit includes all gaskets needed to install
  • oil cooler
  • lpop
  • lifters
  • full machined block with tapped oil galley plugs

6.0 Powerstroke

Short block $4500

  • Stage 1 cam
  • New pistons
  • Optional oem overhaul kit that includes all new sensors/lpop/oil cooler
  • full machined block with tapped oil galley plugs

6.4 Powerstroke

Short block 6700

  • New HD maxxforce 7 pistons
  • Oem Lifters
  • Stage 1 cam
  • full machined block with tapped oil galley plugs


6.7 Powerstroke

Short block $6600

  • Comes with HX series rod and main bearings
  • Stage 1 billet cam
  • All oil clearances will be set to better than factory spec
  • Oem lifters


Cummins pricing coming soon


Duramax pricing coming soon


Additional add on for all engines

  • Valve springs
  • Pushrods
  • Piston coating/valve reliefs
  • Wagler or carillo rods
  • Stage 1/2/3/4 cams
  • Arp head studs,main studs and other various bolts
  • Billet low pressure oil pumps
  • Aluminum heads
  • Oringed heads
  • Ported heads
  • Upgraded lifter
  • Oringed blocks

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