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Complete Clutch Service Tool Kit Primary and Secondary

by Gilomen
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This kit includes everything you need to dismantle your primary clutch to rebuild it.  It is also designed to dismantle the secondary clutch.  Made In The USA! 

  • Used for holding Polaris primary and secondary clutches
  • Compresses springs in primary and secondary
  • Remove jam nut and spider 
  • Can be mounted to your work bench bench or clamped in vise
  • Works on all the Polaris ATV / UTV models, It even works on the RZR Turbo Clutch
  • Spider jam nut driver tool included
  • Spider removal tool included



Clutches it works on:

Standard P90 Primary Clutch, RZR Turbo Primary and Secondary, Ranger P90X Primary and Secondary, Ranger P190X SOHC Primary and Secondary, Rapid Reaction Secondary, Team BOSS Secondary, Team Tied Secondary, Polaris Snowmobile Clutches, and Many Aftermarket Primary and Secondary Clutches.