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by Csf
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The CSF 6079 OEM+ Replacement Intercooler is a step up from the factory intercooler in your 2017-20118 GM 6.6L Duramax L5P. CSF is an ISO certified manufacturer that builds components for many OEM customers around the world. Known as an industry leader in both OE and performance, CSF OEM+ Intercoolers are the perfect upgrade to give you better than stock, while retaining factory style mounting and dimensions.

CSF's OEM+ Intercoolers are built with cast aluminum end tanks to give you increased durability, reliability, and burst pressure capabilities. The OEM+ Intercooler features a 100% TIG welded construction and has an OEM style tube/fin core design that will meet or exceed the performance of your factory intercooler. The OEM+ Series is designed to be a drop-in replacement that hooks up to you OEM components including couplers, brackets, and mounting points.