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Part# KRP0086 Fits; Any UTV equipped with a Shock Therapy Steering Rack utilizing a 5/8" Tie Rod side shank. 


Tie rods and heim joints sold separately, These parts will NOT work with your oem tie rods** And will not fit into an OE style steering rack!!

Now you can run the same inner tie rod you know and trust from your full size Heavy Duty Truck on your Side by Side!! 

Specially designed to thread directly into your Shock Therapy Steering rack with a 5/8" Male thread to receive either a Kryptonite Tie Rod body, or your own custom Tie Rod body. With a high degree of articulation this "Death Grip" Inner tie rod can handle any amount of suspension travel you throw at it.

*Rack side fitment for Shock Therapy Steering rack only!

This High Strength Tie Rod End is built with heavy duty automotive grade internals and is design to last through years of off road abuse. 

Extremely high range of motion. Perfect for Long travel applications.

When using this conversion adapter you will need to slightly modify your steering rack boot to wrap around the Rod End and still protect the rack from debris.

Tie rods and heim joints sold separately, These parts will not work with your oem tie rods**