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Hydra Chip

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This item is a Power Hungry Performance Hydra Chip for 1994-2003 7.3 Powerstroke. This is the best aftermarket performance chip on the market for 7.3L Powerstroke, hands down. The Hydra chip can hold up to 15 calibrations plus two more; the built-in bypass (diagnostic purposes) and No Start (Theft). This is a fully switch-on-the-fly platform. Users have the flexibility to program several standard PHP calibrations to their chip from Power Hungry’s database using the HydraFlash software.This is COMPLETELY free! Just connect the Hydra via USB cable to your PC and after few clicks, the programing is all done. Watch how to use HydraFlash HERE.7.3L owners with modified engines that require custom tuning can enjoy the beauty of never having to mail their chip off for calibrations or revisions. Just receive via email from your favorite tuner using HydraFlash.Modifications that require custom tuning (not included):Modified injectorsAlternate fuels (veggie oil, waste oil, trans fluid)Engine modifications; camshafts, compression changesModified large single or twin turbosAggressive high pressure oil systems (except Adrenaline, SRP, Terminator T-500Power Adders (Nitrous, Water/Meth, Propane)Modified Transmissions (except BTS Valve Body, John Wood Valve Body or TransGo Tugger Kit.The Hydra chip is very safe and fairly easy to install with basic hand tools. It plugs into the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) and the display switch mounts on any flat surface. Watch how to install HERE.Frequently Asked Questions are HEREFEATURESHydra Chip package includes the chip, digital switch, ribbon cable, and USB cable.17 TOTAL POSITIONS including built-in Module Bypass (for diagnostics or emissions testing) and No-StartEasy to read TWO DIGIT removable display switch that mounts on any flat surface for maximum convenienceOptional dash-mounted USB cable and bracket for permanent installationProgram/reprogram the chip using the optional USB extension cable and bracketSupports most competitors’ calibrationsFully compatible with PATS-equipped vehiclesUpdate and Reprogram ONLINE using our FREE HydraFlash™ softwareChoose from our extensive library of standard calibrationsProgram and Verify ONE or MORE positions with one clickProgram calibrations in ANY POSITION(s) — or leave ANY positions blank!A single position takes less than 20 seconds to Program and VerifyRead the factory PCM calibration directly through the chipPrint out your own customized calibration listUpdate chip online with new features as they become availableIMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT CALIBRATIONS1994 to 1997 and early 1999 PowerStroke and International trucks are fitted with smaller volume injectors than the late 1999 and up Super Duty trucks, and as such are limited to increases of about 65 HP for the 1994 to 1997 and 100 HP for the early 1999. Some trucks, depending on tolerances, may be able to utilize up to 80 HP and 120 HP respectively, but we cannot guarantee that the power gains will be achieved.1994-1997 TRUCKS WILL HAVE FEWER CALIBRATION SELECTIONS DUE TO THE POWER LIMITATIONS OF THE FACTORY STOCK INJECTORS. ADDITIONALLY, TRUCKS WITH MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS WILL HAVE FEWER CALIBRATION SELECTIONS DUE TO THE PROGRAMMING CHANGES THAT ARE MADE TO SHIFTING BETWEEN TOW AND POWER CALIBRATIONS.ALL 7.3L PSDs WILL HAVE A MINIMUM OF 15 CALIBRATIONS AVAILABLE.DUE TO THE LIMITATIONS OF INTERNATIONAL VEHICLES, ONLY 7-10 CALIBRATIONS WILL BE AVAILABLEStock or Modified StockUseful for emissions or diagnostic purposes25hp Extremely Heavy Tow12,500+ pounds40hp Heavy Tow10,000 -12,500 pounds65hp Moderate Tow7,500 - 10,000 pounds80hp Light TowUp to 7,500 pounds65hp Daily DriverGood for all-around daily driving and economy80hp Daily Driver65hp PerformanceA little more aggressive than a Daily Driver while stillmaintaining manageable smoke output80hp Performance100hp Performance*100hp Race*Play time! Offers a more aggressive fuel curve forimproved low RPM response and top end power120hp Race*140hp Extreme*This is as big as it gets! (On stock injectors, anyway)High Idle - 1,000rpmIdeal for PTO operation or for faster warm-ups.We do not recommend exceeding 1,200rpm for safety reasons.High Idle - 1,100rpmHigh Idle - 1,200rpmWhisper Mode™Hit the drive-thru and place your order or do your bankingwithout having to shut off your truckValet Mode 25 mphLowers the speed limiterValet Mode 35 mphValet Mode 45 mphTeen Driver™ 65mphLocks the speed limiter at 65mphTeen Driver™ 75mphLocks the speed limiter at 75 mph*Due to injector size, stock 1994 to 1997 trucks can only order calibrations up to 80HP. Early 1999 can go up to 100HP. Late 2001 to 2003 PSDs can not order the 140X tune because they have Powdered Metal Rods. All Hydra Chips will ship blank, unless specified. If you’d like the calibrations pre-loaded, please include PCM / DPC Code.