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These thermostats will work on 11-16 trucks but will not drop transmission temps if you are having high transmission temps on 11-16 you need to look at the secondary cooling system.

Are you seeing uncomfortably high oil temperatures during normal driving or towing? Does your 2017+ Powerstroke seem to have high transmission temperatures? There’s finally an engineered solution for those high fluid temps on your 6.7L Powerstroke!

After extensive testing and consideration of the 6.7L Powerstroke application SPE has engineered a thermostat to combat high fluid temperatures.

The OEM thermostat opens at 194/201°F whereas the SPE Low Temp, High Flow Thermostat opens at 175/180°F. That's a significant decrease in temps as it's a 19-21 degree difference!

The solutions currently available on the market for controlling your coolant, oil, & transmission temperatures* (17+ only) are not cost effective or actual solutions to a simple problem.